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Have Chanel mastered the world of watches? We have spent time reviewing some of their spectacular ranges this season, and to be honest we have been swept off our feet with some of these stunning designs. The small details in each watch has really added to the overall appeal and elegance of each masterpiece.

The J12

This range is available in 3 categories. You can choose a selection of sub features for each timepiece, you can then select a different colour and design within each feature.  They are presented in the following design collections:

– Classic – (1 design)
– Gem Set Steel – (1 design)
– Gem Set Gold – (1 design)

– Classic – (5 deigns)
– Function – (4 designs)
– Gem Set Steel – (10 designs)
– Gem Set Gold – (5 designs)

– Classic – (6 designs)
– Function – (6 designs)
– Gem Set Steel – (9 designs)
– Gem Set Gold – (8 designs)

A lot to take in at first glance, but depending on your lifestyle, or just plain taste you have plenty to choose from in the J12 Range. We found this little gem of a video on the net so you can have a closer look.


Chanel also offer this beautiful ladies watch available in a range of different styles. We particularly love the (PREMIÈRE TRIPLE ROW CERAMIC STEEL DIAMONDS) option that looks stunning. The watch is designed to sit very elegant on the wrist and works well with the extended watch bracelet that wraps around the lower arm.

– Function – (2 designs)
– Gem Set Steel – (6 designs)
– Gem Set Gold – (6 designs)

Check out where to buy these watches online here.


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