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LionSorbet™ is a UK design agency that provide creative and marketing support for Jewellers & Luxury brands around the world. We are the originators of world class 3D Product Animation and Marketing Visuals for luxury products and have a recognised expertise in creating compelling Websites and eCommerce stores for Manufacturers, designers and retailers across the globe76 Articles

Lover of Jewellery, illustration and mad about CGI. Rock guitarist and all round creative. Handy with a set of Kali sticks too! Founder of Lionsorbet Ltd & Jewellerygraphics.net26 Articles

A writer of poetry and prose and a lover of all things beautiful and inspirational. I associate the creativeness of various styles of jewellery with my writing. I appreciate items that are unique and sentimental to individuals.18 Articles

Jewellery designer and Silversmith based in Edinburgh. I create bespoke, one off Jewellery pieces in silver and gold, as well as bronze, copper and brass. Many of them are set with diamonds, pearls or unusual precious and semi precious stones. I love the idea that every individual piece is unique, which makes it even more special for the person who wears it. Inspiration for my work comes from art, nature, conversations and chance.15 Articles