Largest Sapphire in the World.


In 2001 the Guinness World Records issued a certificate to the worlds largest carved Sapphire. This mass of brilliant blue looks extraordinary to the human eye. The mighty sapphire was found in the year of 1995 off the southeastern coast of Africa, Madagascar to be precise.

This beauty is reported to be worth between £45 – £290 million pounds. After years of debate and weighing up all options, the Millenium sapphire project was launched. This lead to the hiring of a world class artist named Alessio Boschi who went onto design the carvings for the final master peace.


Largest Sapphire in the World

Some Facts:

  • The millennium Sapphire is a massive 61,500 carats.
  • It weighs in at 12.3kg.
  • Its also been said that this sapphire will go onto break a few more records for being the largest cut gem, the largest polished gem and the highest price sapphire ever sold.

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