The Lotus Blossoms late this summer!


In his own words “Jeet Palavwala designs sophisticated dimensional jewellery that is like sculpture in precious metal and gems”. I became acquainted with Jeet as we share a passion for Jewellery design and the use of 3D CAD for both manufacture and presentation. I fell in love with the Lotus Blossom Range shown below which was celebrated as the winner of first international design competition organized by Gemvara. Jeet combines his love of art with his a strong technical background, and discovered that creating jewellery was his passion, or as he describes it, his “destiny.”
Lotus Blossom Gemstone Rings by Jeet Palavwala
The Lotus Blossom Rings are described beautifully by Colors of Eden “The ring shank is half set with two rows of small stones. On top of this resides a magnificent flower, whose partly overlapping petals are adorned with additonal small stones. The blossom itself is the seat of a large round centre stone. A truly sensational piece of jewelry.”

Lotus Blossom Gemstone rings by Jeet Palavwala India
I think these ring designs are a testament to Jeet’s skills in Jewellery design and craftsmanship. He presents an eye for detail, and shows a mastery of the techniques now being employed in modern Jewellery design for manufacture. A true creative.

Check out Colors of Eden to view Jeet’s full range.

All images provided with thanks by Jeet Palavwala


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