Can you spot fake jewellery?


5: Brand Marks and Logo’s

Top brands such as Tiffany will stamp each jewellery item with the Tiffany & Co hallmark. (e.g. Tiffany & Co. 925, or T & Co. 925) Look out for these types of stamps when purchasing your jewellery items. Look out for any known differences with fake brands such as misspellings or font changes.

tiffany hallmark

6: Platinum or Rhodium Plated?

Many fakers will use Rhodium to plate metals to look like silver or white gold. Rhodium gives fake jewellery it’s whitish appearance. Tips to help you identify the fakes:

  1. Under a bright light look at the underside of the ring. If the ring is rhodium-plated, the yellow gold can show through slightly due wear.
  2. You can check the underside of a ring for a stamp such as “14k” or “10k” This will signify what type of gold the ring is made of. If you see this stamp, and the ring is silver-coloured, it’s rhodium-plated.

7: Diamond Certification

Real diamond rings come with a certificate, normally from the GIA, IGI, EGL for instance. If your new diamond jewellery item does not come with a certificate, ask for it. Read more on fake diamonds here.

gia certificate

8: Check your documentation

Check the cards, or other paper work that comes with your jewellery item. They should be of good quality and the writing will be sharp not blurry. Look out for spelling errors, poor english or bad grammar. These can be good indicators that something is wrong. A high quality merchant will care abour their print marketing .

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