5 conversations couples should have before they get engaged


Engagement is a huge step for many of us mortals and means you are taking that commitment to be with a person for better or worse, till death do you part. Unfortunately many couples rush into an engagement without really getting to know each other, hence the main reason why divorce rates are skyrocketing. Rather than ending in complete failure and heartbreak, take some time to step back, and actually communicate with your partner. Having conversations about the five tough topics below can really make you far more confident knowing that this is the person you want to spend your life with, or can shed light on troublesome areas that need work prior to a lifelong commitment.

1. Future Ambition

Before spending the rest of your life with someone, it’s important to know if your future ambitions are in accordance with each other. What do you want to do in life, what’s your bucket list of items, and where do you see yourself in five/ten/twenty years? Understanding what your partner wants, this can help ensure both your goals are in line with each other.


2. Religion and Values

Religion and values can be crucial to a person’s core being, and they can have a dramatic impact on a relationship. Understanding your partner’s views on religion and their values are critical to ensuring that you both are compatible for a lifelong commitment!


3. Children and Discipline

Talking about kids, in general, is a huge topic that really needs to be thoroughly discussed. Not only does the timing of kids and contraception, or lack of, need to be an important topic, but you also need to discuss parenting styles and discipline beliefs.


4. Financial issues

A major point of stress for couples is finances. Whether it’s later in life when kids come along or it’s when someone loses their job, it’s important to know what you will do and how you will handle the situation when it arises. Talking about financial issues, spending habits, as well as current and future employment can really help you plan ahead for your future engagement and marriage.


5. The household rules

Nowadays couples frequently move in together prior to getting married. This is a great opportunity to understand not only how the division of labour and chores will be, but it will also ensure that couples can understand how payments of bills will be split and more. Talk about living together, what rules or pet peeves you may have, and how you wish to split the household chores.


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