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If your looking for some inspiration on that next watch purchase, please take 11 minutes and 92 seconds of time to put a smile on your face. We wanted to showcase some fine examples of what can be achieved these days when it comes to watch engineering, design and perfect architecture using different types of luxury materials.

Video 1: 1:36
Vide0 2: 2:01
Video 3: 3:14
Video 4: 3:34
Video 5: 2:16

Total: 11:92: 11×60=660+60+32=752 seconds of time.

Need we say more? Probably not, so enjoy:

Amazing New Collection of Citizen Watches

Corporate animation video of the new for 2012 Harry Winston Opus 12 watch by Emmanuel Bouchet.

Inspired by aviation and automotive themes, Kisai Blade features a custom made turbine-style lens beneath which digital tube LEDs rotate like a propellor to display the time in an easy to read way.

The evolution of the diver’s watches from IWC continues. The IWC Aquatimer collection 2014 from IWC Schaffhausen comes with inspired technical features, even more in-house calibres and a patented IWC bracelet quick-change system.

HYT Hydromechanical Watches For 2014 Offical Video

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