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Women are notoriously hard to buy for, especially when it comes to engagement rings. Poor men all over the world generally sweat bullets over the expansive options and the prospect that they might get the wrong one. While “diamond” and “engagement ring” has been the traditional option, our culture is shifting and alternative options to diamond engagement rings are becoming the norm.

Each woman is unique, and her personality and interests should be reflected in the ring that is bought. While an alternative engagement ring may be infinitely more difficult to choose, a well thought out and planned option can mean the tearful “yes” to your marriage proposal and an ecstatic fiancé.

Finding the perfect alternative to a diamond ring is not going to be easy, but that’s okay because she’s worth the effort and we’re here to help. There are an infinite number of choices, however, we’ve categorised eight different alternatives below to help you narrow down your options and find something that will be truly perfect for your bride-to-be.

1. Make it yourself.

Whether you’re the handyman of the house or you can barely hang a picture straight, making an engagement ring for your partner is possible. A handmade engagement ring will be entirely unique and can be designed from scratch to reflect the personality of the couple. Once a ring is designed, there are workshops that you can go to where you can melt the metal down, and spend a few hours crafting the ring with the aid of a professional.

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2. The not so traditional diamond.

Diamonds are chosen for engagement rings not only because they’re beautiful and can be polished to a high lustre, but also because they are very durable. While a traditional white diamond isn’t something that your partner would want, it’s important to understand that diamonds come in a variety of colours such as black, blue, brown, yellow, and many others in between!


3. Tie the knot.

This is a somewhat witty and very beautiful option for a non-traditional engagement ring. A knotted engagement ring has a unique shape and is obviously indicative of the upcoming wedding where the couple will truly “tie the knot” and become partners for life. A knot engagement ring can be in an infinity style, can feature diamonds throughout the band or a single diamond in the center, and can even be a plain band with no gemstones at all!

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4. Something old something new.

Family is important, and if there is a heirloom piece available that means a lot to your partner or yourself, then consider incorporating that into the engagement ring as an alternative. It could be a ring passed down from your grandparents, or it could be an old necklace that is no longer usable. Whatever the piece is, you can have a jeweler use the materials from that piece and handcraft something for your bride-to-be. This ensures that the memories of the families are passed on and that the finished engagement ring is so special and unique.

5. Rough around the edges.

Sometimes straying too far from a traditional diamond engagement ring isn’t an option, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t be a bit different. For a bride who doesn’t want too crazy of a ring, a rough cut diamond could be a fantastic option. These diamonds aren’t polished up to a high shine, but instead are beautiful and feature a non-uniform shape. Incorporated with a white or yellow gold band, this is an option that is truly stunning!
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6. Don’t go for gold.

Gold is an interesting choice for engagement rings. It is expensive and will demonstrate to your partner that you spent a good deal of money on the ring, but if you get a 14k-24k gold ring then you’re buying a ring that is surprisingly soft. Gold scratches and can bend easily, making it not necessarily the best option for a couple. Instead of going for a traditional gold ring, consider another metal. Other metals are available in a range of blacks, greys, whites, or yellows making it possible to truly create a one of a kind ring.


Platinum, titanium, silver, stainless steel, and tungsten are all amazing options that can really be the perfect alternative for your engagement ring!

7. The beauty of other gemstones.

A diamond isn’t always a girl’s best friend. In fact, it may be a sapphire or a tourmaline gemstone. There are so many different gemstones out there that make amazing alternatives and will truly bring that “wow” factor to an engagement ring.


When choosing a non-diamond stone for an engagement ring, you might want to consult with the jeweller about the strength of the material. Alternatives such as opals and pearls are so beautiful yet so fragile, meaning that the ring that was meant to be a symbol of everlasting love may end up lasting only about two years.

8. The gem-less engagement ring.

Lastly, a gemstone may not even be necessary to impress your partner. There are so many simply stunning engagement rings that don’t even have a gemstone anywhere on them. Whether they’re a simple band, or a dual toned ring that is twisted into a beautiful shape, each one is different and possesses a beauty and uniqueness that simply cannot be denied!
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