8 Charming Wedding Traditions


In perfect time for St. Patrick’s Day this Sunday our friends at Simply Bridal have reminded us of some long standing wedding traditions that seem to be more law and order nowadays. Be sure not to break them or a stern look from Auntie Agnes will follow..
8 Wedding Traditions

1. A Pinch
Egyptian women pinch the bride on her wedding day for good luck.

2. Old Shoe
When leaving the church someone must throw an old shoe over the Irish bride’s head so she will have good luck.

3. Hanky
The Irish Bride carries a special hanky that with a few stitches can be turned into a christening bonnet for the first baby for luck.

4. Silver Sixpence
Placing a silver sixpence in the Irish bride’s left shoe is a symbol of wealth, happiness and joy throughout the married life (happily replaced with a £50 note!!).

5. Sugar Cube
Greek brides tuck a sugar cube into their glove to sweeten their union.

6. Spider on the wedding dress
The English believe a spider found in a wedding dress means good luck. (Being English, I haven’t heard of this but there are many weird traditions that belong to our country)

7. Horeshoe
(Turned up so the luck won’t run out) Irish brides used to carry a real horseshoe for good luck nowadays most wear a porcelain or fabric one on their wrist

8. White Heather
Scottish grooms wear white heather for good luck

I’m interested to know more now, especially the sugar cube in the glove. Sounds like a euphemism to me! Does any one have any traditions they know about? Comment and let us know more.

Image courtesy of www.simplybridal.com. Check them out for a stunning range of wedding dresses.

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  1. Konstantina on

    Greek brides do not do anything with sugar cubes on their wedding days. Sorry to ruin, but I am Greek and I have never heard of such a tradition.