A declaration of independence for the Divorcée


French jewellery designer Gisele Ganne explains her Jewellery as “an evocation of death, mourning and divorce. Each piece tells a story which is inspired by Victorian mourning jewellery, old and ethnic customs, urban legends and historical events” a stark contrast to the joyful union that once befell the happy couple. I guess there is no better way to declare independence and announce separation with the removal of a once sacred, sentimental wedding ring and replacing something as dark and defiant as a piece of Divorce Jewellery. It has some synergy with the rise in popularity of The Right Hand Ring worn by single, professional women as a reward for ambition, a symbol of independence and good fortune in life. Whereby this type of Jewellery can in some ways be seen as a two finger salute to marriage and is promoted so by wearing on the ring finger

Gisel’s DIVORCE ring is an 18ct goldplated electroformed bird skull with swarovski crystals set within its gnarled beak. It retails online from £850.00 at Boticca

Gisel explains that “Mourning is not just about dead people, it is also about dead relationships and decaying marriages”
Memorial Jewellery by Gisel Ganne


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Gisele goes on to explain “The materials used are mainly leather, sequins, foam, human hair and silver. I am interested in the symbolic and mythical function associated with the materials I use. Through the mixture of these materials combined with the celebrities or models that will wear them, I aim to create a sort of pop voodoo, or decadent curse. And by wearing this jewelry we can morn the death of the celebrity icons we love as they pass on in the coming years. In Victorian times, death provided an opportunity for people to display their anguish through various plumage and adornments. My intention is to come back to this spirit, to celebrate death and decay for the power that it holds over life. Imposing and visually heavy, my jewellery symbolize the weight of death and as a ‘ Memento Mori”, reminding us that we all must die.”

Gisel Ganne Jewellery

Designer Profile..
Based in London, Gisele Ganne graduated from the Royal College of Art and have worked for several well known names such as Cacharel, Tatty Devine, Carolina Bucci and Stephen Webster.

Her collections have already featured in world wide press including Vogue, Elle, Wallpaper, I-D, Dazed&Confused… and has been seen on many celebrities such as Florence Welch, Lady Gaga, Ke$ha, Yasmin and Eve.

Featured rings available from http://boticca.com/giseleganne
or visit Gisel’s personal website http://www.giseleganne.com/ to view more of her amazing designs

Images courtesy of Gisele Ganne – All rights reserved.

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