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I was introduced to Animulas and founder Johan Hovgaard Simonsen on instagram. The quality of the photography the care and attention to each piece was  eye catching and beautiful.  I have been drawn many times to re-post his work on our own gallery of stunning Jewellery.

Described as ‘Made to order Statement Jewelry’  raw materials are sourced accordingly on each purchase. When you buy an Animula, it is made distinctively for you.

In his own words, Johan explains “Animulas came to the world in the dawn of the 20th century and has since then continued to grow and reinvent itself. The focus of Animulas is not volume and speed, but rather a passion to provide jewels you can truly call distinctively yours.”

Animulas also believe that “the only significant difference between us lies within the complexities of our souls. This difference is nothing but a treasure that we should embrace and nourish together. We are all just human, after all. Let’s all treat each other as such.”


Designer & Founder Johan Hovgaard Simonsen

Johan HovgaardJohan is a Danish national, currently based in Copenhagen working hard on his biggest passion – jewellery by the name of Animulas. He has been working with jewellery for the better part of his life and started when he was only around 10 years old. Johan explains “Today, I am 25 and it wasn’t until last year I put a word to what it is that I strive to make; little pieces of soul, which is exactly what Animulas means in Latin”
Providing further insight, he goes on to explain that “Alongside jewelry, I have been working with and studying architecture and design, first in Denmark and then in Hong Kong, where I lived in 2011 and 2012. Right now I’m working on my jewelry crafting skills at Copenhagen Technical College and then focusing on Animulas for the rest of my time. My vision is to keep it true to continue being little pieces of soul made-to-order for people to wear for a lifetime or more.”
For more of Johans work visit the official Animulas website at https://animulas.com/ or follow his work on http://instagram.com/animulas

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