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We love finding cool things to create as keepsakes for your home office or as gifts for loved ones. I came across this great video on instagram by The Edinburgh Casting Company that produce a rather neat range of kits to take casts of different part of your body, such as feet or hands. As demonstrated quite nicely below you can produce a beautiful personalised ornament of you and your partners hands clasped together. The results are just perfect.

The Edinburgh Casting company state on their website: With hand illustrations and photographs throughout, our casting kits are thoughtfully prepared to make a perfect gift.

Fast: Each Casting takes from a little as 1-2 minutes. No need to worry about wriggling fingers!
Safe: Skin safe and Non-toxic materials
Fun: Colour changing moulding material

Time passes so quickly, and before you know it those tiny baby feet have grown, or our beloved pets are just memories and all we have are photographs.

They even do baby feet too!!

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