Amora – The Superior Gem


It contains better properties than a diamond…
It is a million times rarer than a diamond…
But it costs just a fraction of the typical price of a diamond…

Introducing, the Amora Gem.

In the last few hundred years, there have not been many moments within the jewellery business that could truly be considered a revolution. That is, of course, not until now. Compared to averagely graded diamonds and moissanite, the Amora Gem contains far better properties but is in fact, neither a diamond nor moissanite.

So, to better understand what it is exactly you are buying, let’s dig a little deeper into the Amora gem’s unique properties. First up, even though they are made of Silicon Carbide, Amora gems are not in fact moissanite. Instead, the Silicon Carbide family contains more than 200 different types of crystals and Amora gem is made of a different one to moissanite, as well as an altogether different type of polytope. 

What this means is, though moissanite typically has a green/yellowish tint, the Amora gem crystal can reach all the way to truly colourless D colour. It contains very unique properties that only 1-2% of all diamonds in the world can match. It is truly unique in its cut, colour and clarity. It’s worth noting that Amora is also a first synthetic gem. As such, each gem contains its own bespoke blend of measurements, colour, and clarity; and comes through the same grading process as diamonds.

Popular customer feedback has shown that the Eternity Amora, the latest version of the Amora gem, is considered the best around. Its superb Hearts & Arrows cut makes it look truly magical and has allowed it to become arguably the world’s most spectacular gem. As such, the Amora gem does have limited availability, making them far more rare and desirable than diamonds. But alas, 100 pieces or more are often kept in stock, so the option to buy is there for those who share the passion for Amora gems.

There is a clear shift happening in the world of jewellery, as diamonds will soon no longer be considered the most desirable jewellery. Stagnant prices mean they are no longer a wise investment, so spending such large sums of money on overpriced rocks no longer seems worthwhile. Instead, consumers are turning to Amora gem as a means to have a far more appealing gem, at a fraction of the price of a diamond.

As you might imagine, such a unique and game-changing gem requires its own special jewellery collection. Enter, Adon Jewellery. This trend-setting line of bespoke jewellery features the Amora gem alongside diamonds, as a wonderful blend of these new precious stones. Many believe that a new fashion trend has now been created, with gold and platinum Amora gem rings fast becoming the statement piece in cities around the world. The Adon line is the most cost-effective and stunning line of jewellery available anywhere on Earth, and it’s open for anyone to buy.

Amora gem properties

  • 9.5 hardness (2nd best to diamond) 
  • 10% more brilliant than a diamond 
  • 200% more fire than a diamond 
  • D – I colour/ IF – SI2 clarity 
  • Super Ideal Hearts & Arrows Round cut 
  • Available from 0.50ct up to 10.00ct 

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