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Google unveils android for wearables with a range of interactive watches

Being a big fan of tech I’ve see wearable technology being demonstrated over the last 10 years without much success. Either the product is too big and cumbersome or the aesthetic is right but the interface just doesn’t provide the information and interaction we desire. With the rise of smartphones we are looking beyond replacing these but complimenting and enhancing our online experience.

Google this week unveiled over on their official blog an insight into their development into wearable technology with a preview of some rather smart looking interactive and voice activated watches. With an audible instruction of “ok google” followed by a command such as send a text, call a friend, find some information online the watch will figure all this out for you. I’m certainly intrigued to see how well this works as I’ve spent many frustrated moments with Apple’s Siri giving me nothing that is actually useful. Google have posted some great videos that explain it much better than I ever can. Would you wear? How useful would it be? Let us know.

Google Watch Wearable Tech

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