Anna Lubomirska: An Artist in Jewellery


Anna Lubomirska is an artist and a jewellery designer based in Warsaw, Poland. Her work has been shown in exhibitions in Poland and internationally. She started her journey with art as a painter and a sculptor, however she has always felt drawn to the world of jewellery perceiving it as a never-ending ocean of inspiration and discovery. That, combining with her passion for drawing and graphics has lead her into jewellery design.

Anna believes her interest in jewellery is also connected with an emotional attachment and passion that comes with it’s possible eternal life through generations. She puts her heart into every design and her dream is to create jewellery that would be precious and meaningful to it’s owners.

Anna’s work is a direct translation of her interest in history, nature and symbolism. She is fascinated by the beauty of animal kingdom and anatomy of creatures of the world. In her designs she often reaches out to symbols of Eastern European cultures, among other Slavic, as well as antiquity. She always focuses on details and she takes great pleasure in transforming her ideas into real objects. She practices traditional drawing techniques, hand sculpting and prepares her designs in 3D computer programs.


Anna also collaborates with Polish established jewellers specialising in exclusive transactions for which she designs custom-order fine jewellery.

Design F3H

A few words about us

We are a team of individuals, whose passion is to design things that are unique, polished and sophisticated, yet playful on occasion. Design F3H is an abbreviation from a name of a group that had been set up several years ago – Design For 3 Hands. Different personalities come to work as a team combining knowledge and skills to run special projects. Each one of us also works under their own brand name.

All the projects presented as Design F3H express our teams’ approach to utilitarian and artistic design. We love to push the boundaries and offer products that are one-of-a-kind, but at the same time enjoyable and wearable at any given occassion. Each item sold on this website is designed and produced in Poland. Some of our products are released in limited series. We also offer custom order jewellery.


Our independent brand had been set up in the heart of our country in 2005. The brand’s name is an abbreviation from a name Design For 3 Hands. Different personalities had come to work together as a team combining their knowledge and skills to run special design projects.

All the collections and products presented as Design F3H express our teams’ approach to utilitarian and artistic design. We love to push boundaries and offer high quality products that are one of a kind, but at the same time modern and eye-catching.

We use only sterling silver, gold (14K/18K), semi-precious and precious stones. Additionally we offer cubic zirconias for basic versions of our selected products. Our prices start at €45 for silver rings and come up to €700-€800 for rings made of gold and valuable stones. These prices are based on our current online store offering. Since we also take custom orders the prices go above those shown on the website.

Our products are made in Poland by carefully selected manufacturers with long-standing experience in the industry. Our stones are certified and we are able to provide all necessary parameters and information upon request.

We sell our jewellery through a few selected channels in Poland – at our flagship online boutique, one premium designer boutique online, where we are placed among finest Polish designers, also in a handful of art boutiques in the city of Warsaw, where our products attract attention from high-end customers.

A lot of our special orders come from wealthy clientele looking for custom-order designs.
The descriptions of products and inspirations are included in the images. We hope they will help with understanding our brand’s style and aesthetics. Basically, all our designs can be custom adjusted when it comes to alloys, finishes and stones. We can also offer special exclusive versions of our products for sale.

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