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Artemis Jewels, is a well known jewellery retailer based in Rome. Artemis is peculiar due to the inimitable elegance of items both in the modern and ancient style. They also boast the knowledge and expertise in reproductions of old Roman and Greek jewels from wax micro sculpturing. The jewellery is very unique making every design different to the owner. Artemis can design jewellery from simple drawings or shapes provided by their ever growing client list.

The Artemis story

The founder of Artemis Jewels is a anglo Italian goldsmith and sculptor, who spent many years between the islands of the Uk and Italy. Founder, Danny Piacentini grew a passion for jewellery making and designing in his youth and found a way to challenge his need to create. The Artemis workshop finally settled in Rome and Danny can be found in the back of his workshop creating stunning jewellery items for all types of clients.

Danny explains:

I always had a deep attraction for Mythology which I found inspiring, by chance I started training and developing my skills as a jewellery designer and maker, with a famous Rome company who specialised in Old Roman and Greek Reproductions. There is only two jewellery workshops in Rome, so I felt lucky to be part of something that made me smile. So my passion for Roman and Greek Jewellery began…

Starting a new business happened when I got round to visiting the UK. I started attracting new customers every day through my work and unseen before designs. Mixing modern with antique or creating classical designs came really natural to me.

Artemis has started to make jewellery for his online shop. They have just introduced a new Silver 925 Rhodium Plated (Anti-allergy) jewellery line. Each item can be found with large crystals of many vibrant colours. You can check out some of the designs by following the link below.


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