‘AVALON’S SPIRIT’ The NEW COLLECTION from Hailstones Glass Jewels


This stunning collection of unique jewellery is inspired by the legendary relationship between King Arthur and The Lady of the Lake, and her giving of the sword ‘ Excalibur’. The blinding brilliance of the silvers and deep rich red of the jewels are symbolic of the shining steel of the sword and its decorative gem reflecting on and rising up out of the mystical waters of the lake.


Hailstones are hand-made from layers of glass and precious metals like gold, silver and platinum. Each Hailstone is unique and individually designed by glass artist, Sue Hailstones. They are crafted to a very high standard and are comfortable and durable to wear, as well as being visually stunning to look at.


All Hailstones are hallmarked and assay office stamped. They are presented with a signed and numbered authenticity certificate, and are beautifully packaged in a high quality branded box, which is wrapped in branded tissue paper, and placed in a branded gift bag.

Retail prices start from as little as £120.00

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