Bellini celebrates 15 years!


Bellini jewellery is celebrating its 15th anniversary as a jewellery manufacturer and supplier to leading jewellery retailers throughout the U.K

Bellini was founded by Roberto Varriale in 2003 after spending over eight years in the jewellery manufacturing industry with one of the leading manufacturers in the U.K. Having travelled the world experiencing the many different ways of manufacture and sources of both diamonds and semi precious stones as sapphires rubies and emeralds together with future trends he decided branch out on his own and created Bellini jewellery.

To this day the company has gone from strength to strength supplying many retail jewellers throughout the U.K. to the point where it is looking to branch out into our own retail premises.

In celebration of this achievement we are offering all Jewellery Monthly readers the chance to purchase high quality jewellery direct from the manufacturer at trade prices. Let me stress this is an exclusive offer to members. We do not sell direct to the general public as yet so it is unlikely you would have heard of us. However you may have seen some of our work in many of the local shops and those further a field.  This is an opportunity for members to eliminate the retailer and come direct to the source for their jewellery.

We are specialists in both 18ct and platinum jewellery ranging from engagement rings to earrings, pendants, necklaces, bracelets, bangles and many other items to lengthy to list we are also specialists in antique and second jewellery for those looking for pieces with a bit of history to them as well as second Rolex watches.

We also have our own bespoke dept where we will create your own design for you.  You can see some of our creations on our website
Facebook. @ bellinijewellery.
Instagram. @ bellinijewels.

Make no mistake this is an opportunity to access jewellery ordinarily unavailable to you other than through the normal retail channels and a chance to own something that in future years will become a real investment.

Contact either myself Rob or Natasha with your requirements

Rob. / 07792002902.
Natasha. / 01788570865

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