British Airways promote sale of jewellery using Duchess of Cambridge


British Airways recently used a picture of the Duchess of Cambridge without permission. Thousands of passengers saw the promotion of the Duchess in a BA’s high life shop magazine wearing a pair of earrings made by jewellery designer Azuni. The earrings retail at around £25 and look wonderful. The title of the article read  “Azuni London: Fit for a Princess”

It is known that this is a breach of both advertising guidelines and advertising etiquette for the use of the use of royal images. It is not known what action was taken but words must have been exchanged so British Airways knew they had been found out.

Privacy rule 6.2 states: “Members of the Royal Family should not normally be shown or mentioned in a marketing communication without their prior permission.”

Azuni Jewellery must be proud to have such a high profile person wearing their jewellery range and have since made good use this implied endorsement by declaring in their own advertising “From the way we style our hair, to the shoes, clothes and jewellery we wear, Catherine Middleton is paving the way for a new generation of women.”

About Azuni

Inspiration can come from anywhere… that’s the mantra that inspires Ashley Marshall, founder and designer of Azuni. Far from taking the traditional course into jewellery design, Ashley began his career as a chef, working in some of London’s top kitchens, such as the Dorchester, The Ivy and La Caprice. Using his instinctive skills for combining different flavours and ingredients to create the most delicious dishes, Ashley decided to take this talent and apply it to designing jewellery. His confidence and flair for experimenting with unusual textures and stones created the most breathtaking results, now all he needed was some guidance on how to hone his craft so he decided to learn from the experts.



If you would like to see some of Azuni’s Jewellery, especially the earring range then please check them out here.

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