We have a great opportunity to own one of the very few consumer news and education resources for the jewellery industry. We have decided to bring our business into a new direction and feel now is the right time to pass it onto a new owner that can continue the hard work and dedication we have put into the site over the last 10 years.

As a leading resource for Jewellery News, its library of content, visitors, and social media reach would be a perfect platform to enhance any Jewellery Retailer, Designer or Manufacturers business. With multiple, potential revenue streams, Jewellery Monthly presents a new opportunity to a business within the Luxury Goods Market.

Website Overview

  • Modern & Responsive Mobile Website Design
  • Built on the popular WordPress platform
  • Highly ranked for many jewellery rated search terms
  • Hosted on a secured and managed Virtual Private Server (VPS)
  • Plugins and Web services have been maintained and updated regularly to prevent downtime and bugs
  • Search Engine optimised using Yoast SEO Tools
  • Built-in Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools

Content Features and Overview

  • OVER 500 UNIQUE POSTS: Educational, informative articles and site pages.
  • A set of high traffic information pages such as ring size guide and diamond charts
  • Unique Jewellery Directory featuring a range of companies around the world.
  • Newsletter signup feature linked with Mailchimp for email campaigns
  • Social Media accounts with a combined following of over 20,000 (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest)
  • Apple News Feed Verified

Revenue Opportunities

Jewellery Monthly has always been a platform to help promote our own clients’ products and services. We have over the years built in some unique revenue-generating tools and opportunities within the site to run as a business. Thes include:

  • Press releases and paid article placements, product promotion and gift guides.
  • Jewellery Directory complete with software to set up and run each listing. Opportunity for monthly/annual renewals.
  • Top Level advertising slots on each page
  • Banner and sidebar advertising plus full-page takeovers
  • Email Campaign templates and cleaned email list for direct traffic and further brand promotion.

Site Handover

The site purchase will include the following:

  • 6 months free hosting
  • Full site training and support for 30 days
  • Full Ownership and access to the website, admin facility and content
  • Full transfer and ownership of all social media accounts, email lists and previous campaign data
  • Full ownership and transfer of analytics accounts
  • All graphics, logo designs, illustrations kept on file for marketing
  • Email account access and transfer.


All genuine and serious offers to

or call Steve Irvine on 01604 422356