Buying a Wedding Ring? Part II


With the insane number of details that go into planning a wedding, it’s important that you dedicate time and effort into wedding ring shopping. The ceremony and reception will only take up one day, while the wedding bands are forever, so if there was ever a situation you had to choose between Cattleya orchids and beautifully engraved platinum bands, prioritise the symbols that represent your marriage the best.

Just like any other part of wedding planning, choosing the right wedding bands for you and your partner can be quite stressful, but there are ways around it to make the process as simple as possible. It’s not just about finding that picture-perfect ring. There’s more to wedding shopping than knowing and deciding on the ring specs and details. Here are the things you should be doing before making any commitments:

1: Do your research

Before checking out your options, decide on what you want your band to look like. Do you prefer white or rose gold? Do you like a simple plain band with no embellishments, a diamond set band or an engraved or patterned wedding band? Will you wear it on its own or with your engagement ring? Will you and your fiancé have matching bands or use different metals? Once you have a general idea, you can start your search at jewellery stores. But if you’d rather have something very specific in mind before shopping around, check out our previous post on ‘Buying a Wedding Ring’ to give you a helping hand. Give yourself a few months to browse and narrow down options, especially if you plan on customising your rings, which can take one month or more to get the finished product back.

1.1 Wedding Ring Profile Syles

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1.2 Wedding Ring Profile Syles

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1.3 Consider your metal choice

wedding ring metal choice

2: Set your budget

A platinum band can cost more than twice the amount of a plain gold band, depending on its purity, generally measured in Karats. Other costs you’ll need to consider are the addition of diamonds or gemstones, as well as engraving, which varies in price according to the font and method (hand or machine). You should also be aware of where you shop, since name brands will up these prices due to designer value. While the allure of designer jewellery will probably be something your fiancé will appreciate, the prestige of a brand will exponentially increase the final price. Statement rings showcased on online retailer Lyst open our eyes to the wide range of bands from Gucci and BVLGARI, but as beautiful as these timeless classics are, they come with a hefty price tag which could impact your overall wedding budget. Thus, think realistically about what you can afford and how much you are willing to pay for wedding bands.

The price of Platinum and Gold can make a difference to your overall spend

3: Protect your investment

As the writers of My Wedding have noted, you need to find out what your warranty options are as insurance for your wedding bands. Some stores offer free cleaning and resizing, while others go the extra mile and provide replacement diamonds in case one falls out. The kind of coverage offered will also help determine which jeweller is best for the two of you. If your wedding ring is of high replacement value consider obtaining an independant valuation of your jewellery to ensure you are covered in case of loss or theft.

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