Buying Engagement Rings Online – The Do’s and Don’ts


There are a few important days in every person’s life, one of those days is getting engaged. So much pressure is put upon this day to make sure it runs smoothly. Every single detail should go as planned and then, hopefully, your partner will say ‘yes’. 

With the amount of planning that goes into the actual proposal, like the ones here:, you wouldn’t want to end up with a dissatisfied partner when it comes to your engagement ring choice; especially if you are buying a ring online. For those who have to do their engagement ring shopping online, there are a few do’s and don’ts. Stick around for a complete guide on how you should and shouldn’t shop for an engagement ring on the internet. 

Why Should I Buy A Ring Online? 

There are many reasons why you should consider online shopping to actual in-shop shopping. Here is our list of reasons: 

  • It will be much cheaper. National jewelry chain stores add massive markups on their diamonds and wedding bands. You can get the same kind of designs for almost 50% cheaper when you buy from a website
  • Your choice variation is much bigger. Especially if you live in a small town or remote location, shopping through a website will give you much more choices
  • The online process won’t make you feel pressured into buying something. You can take your time in choosing and researching what you truly want. Compared to hard sales customer service staff at a jewelry chain
  • Shipping and the precious diamonds are insured by the vendor. Giving you peace of mind when waiting on the other side for your special package to arrive


In order for you to choose the right jewelry piece for your beloved, follow these absolute do’s:

Find a Trusted Vendor

When looking for the best place to buy an engagement ring on the internet, it’s important that you consider the supplier’s reputation and credibility. If there’s no track record of the online supplier to be found, chances are they aren’t credible. 

Trusted online suppliers will know that their reputation is at stake when they deliver bad service or products. Therefore, they put a lot of effort into client satisfaction and customer care. 

Credible online suppliers will have loads of online reviews from previous clients singing them praises. Nowadays, people don’t shy away from leaving good or bad online reviews. If there is one 5-star review amongst a sea of bad ones, then you should probably reconsider your choice. 


For deliveries that are either shipped across borders or states, you should definitely receive some sort of insurance. Reputable online jewelers use trusted shipping companies to transport their precious stones and jewelry. In the unfortunate event that your package gets lost or stolen, you shouldn’t be liable for any loss. 

Make sure that the company has excellent insurance that covers any loss or theft. The seller should provide you with a tracking number and an insurance policy upon payment. Receiving the package should require the show of identification and a signature. 

There are many online diamond and jewelry stores that have reported that they’ve never lost a valuable piece in the mail – stick with those companies.

See the Paperwork First

Online scammers are pros at faking photos of exquisite stones. Before purchasing the stone, you should request a gemologist’s certificate. You can double-check the certification which will ensure the stone’s origin and value. 

Furthermore, once you received the stone (and still have some trust issues), you can take it to an unaffiliated jeweler for an appraisal.

Return Policy

When buying online, you can never be too sure about the fit and style. Sure, reputable websites will feature splitting images and photos of their products, but you never know whether it’s the right one until you actually hold it in your hands. 

Make sure that the store has a no-questions-asked return policy. When you aren’t happy with the product or size, you shouldn’t be charged for return shipping. Exchanging the ring shouldn’t be an issue either. 

Following the above do’s will also ensure that you don’t fall in an online scamming trap.


Avoid losing money, being scammed, and disappointed by following these don’ts:

Don’t Be Rushed

When you are making an expensive purchase online, you shouldn’t rush yourself. Take your time in considering different vendors, different ring types, and different styles. Taking your time will give you the opportunity to do some background research on the vendors. As well as ensure that the ring option is best suited for your future fiancé. 

Remember that you are buying a ring for them and the diamond cut, color, and setting should suit their personal style. Read this article to learn more about choosing the perfect diamond for your future fiancé. 

Don’t Spend Too Little

This might seem like a strange thing not to do since it’s evident you want to save a few bucks with every purchase. Sure, online rings are more affordable than the ones you’ll be buying at a chain store. But spending an amount on a ring that is classified as ‘too good to be true’ – probably is. 

Have a decent budget in mind and find a reputable vendor that will be able to give you a product that fits within the budget. When you pay a ridiculously low amount for a diamond that’s listed on other sites for 4 times as much, chances are the stone is a fake.

Don’t Miss the Red Flags

Be wary of online scammers by watching out for red flags. The following situations should raise caution:

  • The vendor phones from continuous different numbers, at any time of the day
  • The vendor is pushy when it comes to making a sale and receiving payment
  • The vendor doesn’t have an active online presence
  • The vendor doesn’t have any good reviews and you’ve ever seen the words ‘scammer’ written down next to their name

As long as you practice caution, you’ll be guaranteed a gorgeous engagement ring that is delivered through the mail. 

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