Cheap but Plush Women’s Watches


A watch is a woman’s pride and joy. It offers a subtle indication of charm and fashion intent, and forms a key part of any outfit. Finding the right watch can be much hassle however. Some are too expensive, while others don’t look expensive enough. Here are a few brands with pieces that are both low-cost and luxurious.

Red Herring

Red Herring’s watches are famed for their low cost prices, however for the most part; these are in complete proportion with their quality and aesthetic beauty. Let’s not avoid trampling over any eggshells here. The majority of Red Herring’s watches are embedded with cheap looking diamantes and in attempting too hard to emulate the glitzy watches on say,, are markedly worth little.

It must be stressed that the key to finding the right cheap watch is to seek out one that doesn’t obviously attempt to look dear. Nothing looks cheaper than that which clearly tries to inexpensively look expensive. Therefore, one would be right to brush past a Red Herring watch collection upon seeing a good few distasteful pieces.

However, when Red Herring keep it simple and get it right, by God they get it right; manufacturing watches that look minimalistic and chic.
This black round dial watch would go perfect with professional office couture of a complimenting colour and is a steal at only £16.

Red Herring Watches



ASOS are masters in the art of manufacturing cheap yet strikingly fine looking accessories. Always stylishly designed, their watch collection boasts a diverse range of exquisite pieces and you’d be hard put to have a browse through without falling in love with at least two.

Such is their prestige that when deliberating on which product to showcase, I found myself torn between a good few.

This vintage styled floral print faced piece stole the day however, and effortlessly looks more than the £20 it costs.



Of course, for the young and free looking for an economical yet trendy timepiece to serenade their wrist, nothing quite beats Swatch. Cheap, cheerful and in an assortment of different colours and patterns; Swatch watches tempt you into consuming a dozen pieces, each to go with a different outfit.

I could literally choose a handful of pieces to prove my point and so that’s exactly what I’ll do. Below is a glimpse of their Sports 2012 Summer Collection.

Swatch Watches


The author of this article is Tahar Rajab, a young British writer. He was educated at Queen Mary College, University of London where he obtained an Honours Bachelors Degree in History in 2011.
He has since gone on to write for a variety of fashion blogs. 

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