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The Clearly-You Story

Our story began in 2002 when the CEO and founder of Clearly-You started a custom jewelry service in his home town of Virginia Beach, Virginia. As his custom jewelry service grew so did his ideas. He developed a company called Clearly-You and launched its product line in January of 2013.

Clearly-You’s jewelry line is primarily composed of hand-blown glass and precious metals with color-enhanced, floating diamonds contained inside. Clearly-You’s diamonds are submerged in a proprietary viscous fluid, called ice waterTM, allowing them to slowly sink to the bottom of the hollow chamber glass. This allows for an unlimited 360-degree view of every facet. This jewelry line has collections that combine science, craftsmanship, and artistry. It is far from your traditional diamond jewelry.

Clearly-You pendants bestow upon wearers the ability to gain something from their jewelry. The colors tell a story and help harness certain energies through the mere psychology of each color, and from the formation process of each individual diamond. Stones that were created over millions of years from the pressure of the earth contain their own energy and their true vibrant sparkle can only be achieved from the energy of the jeweler. All of these things combined allow you to harness the energy to help you become what you truly want to be and feel how you truly want to feel.

Our diamonds are empowering, and help you deal with the complexities of life. Stare into the sparkle. You are going to like the way you feel.

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