I’m on my third one – Italian, rich, dark and strong! No, I’m not having a Roman Affair…..I’m having coffee. Life without it, unimaginable. The black gold is invaluable to me, and I’m pretty precious about it too: not that overly milky, weak brew you get in some road side cafes, or all those fancy skinny, decaf, long but single shot, flavoured ones… I’m a purist, just great coffee. Well, I do love milk froth and a bit of chocolate or cinnamon, guess I’m a cappuccino girl.

The bean hasn’t just made its way into our daily lives as far as culinary delights are concerned, it dangles from our necks, wrists and ears, not merely as a statement that the wearer is a coffee aficionado but because it is actually quite cute.

Justine Brooks silver_coffee_bean_jewellery_1001
theartfulbadger coffee bean cuff_1002

Whether it’s a very detailed version, or a more stylistic approach, the coffee bean just wraps you around its finger.

Coffee jewellery isn’t just a girly thing either, men can confidently wear the bean too, and they don’t have to be George to carry off the look.

I must admit, it’s Italian coffee that really does it for me, and it’s no surprise that the bean is particularly stylish when made in Italy. Italian luxury jewellers Zoppini even dedicated a whole collection to it! With the multi colour beans it’s almost like getting your own blend or variation – mocca, cappuccino, ristretto, …it can be whatever you want.

Showing your love for the humble coffee bean isn’t enough? There is always the option of voicing your addiction, passion or desperate need for coffee.

And if coffee on its own is a bit too purist for you, coffee and cigarette not pc, just have it French style – un crème et croissant.

coffee jewellery

Aahhh, coffee, I’m even dreaming of it…, on that terrace, stylish wicker sofas…and some guy (looking slightly familiar) asking me if I wanted another volluto…

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