Colourful Fashion Jewellery


This Month Cherie looks at colourful fashion jewellery and shows us how simple accessories can make you pop out from the crowd any day of the week.

Cherie takes a look at:

1) A selection of colourful bangles. £6.99.
2) Colourful beaded and spike necklaces. £8.99.
3) Simple dress rings with hearts, stars and gemstones. £1.99 each.


Cherie comments:

“High street Jewellery from accessory stores can really give you a nice edge throughout the week. As the summer months are nearly gone, I decided to look for something colourful and fun as a reminder of what a really fantastic summer we had.

I’ve mixed and matched the jewellery to go with different casual outfits throughout the week.

You can buy these jewellery items from NewLook.”

Cherie shows us how to integrate her jewellery items with different fashion styles.







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