Create a Cohesive Wedding


So you want to know how to create a cohesive wedding package for you and your guests? The idea is to choose all the little things that will enlighten your big day.

Beach Theme

Going for a laid back, no shoes, tropical paradise kind of wedding? A beach-themed event has a relaxing mood and is perfect if you love being outdoors.

Look out for:
Colours including: ocean blue, teal greens and sandy browns.
Anything with a woody beach effect.
Beach items such as star fish, shells and rocks.
Keep it natural.

Rustic Theme

A country-inspired wedding that is both cozy and intimate. Time to bring out the cowboy boots!

Look out for:
Colours including: Coffee browns, grass greens, red and yellow roses.
Use anything with spots, flags, rope, chunky wood items, straw or hay.
Get the cowboy boots out.

Classic Theme

Aiming for that elegant, timeless look? A classic themed wedding is elegant, romantic, and very sophisticated.

Look out for:
Colours including: ivory or pure white, petal greens, Golds and silvers.
Champaign, expensive wines, bunches of white flowers, elegant table wear.
Get ready for that big white dress.

Vintage Theme

Want a wedding full of nostalgia? If your style is eclectic, retro, and looks to the past for inspiration then a vintage-themed wedding is perfect for you.

Look out for:
Colours including: Retro orange, ribbon pink and rustic browns.
Bunches of mixed flowers, authentic ribbons, white net and cardboard tags.
Bring the past into the future.


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