Designer Wedding Rings for your Man


The wedding ring has come along way from the plain court design. The options have grown as designers take on the mighty wedding ring for the modern man. This month we decided to reach out and find some stunning examples. Enjoy.

Zirconium Ring Z062B – by Suay Design

Wide contemporary Zirconium ring with segmented detail and a satin finish. This Zirconium ring is custom made and will take 4 weeks before delivery. A great alternative and very modern design. The final tones of grey look fantastic.

black wedding ring

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Twin Edge Titanium Ring – by Ogham Jewellery

This wedding ring from Ogham Jewellery is a flat profile Titanium ring with a twin edge 1/2 round rails. It’s Available from 6-12mm and has a nice bevel finish on both the edges. The two tone colour looks subtle but very designer like.

flat designer wedding ring

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Metal Geo Elipse Slim Ring Palladium – by Stephen Einhorn

This ring is made from titanium with a filling so to speak, or a sandwich effect of solid sterling silver, platinum, palladium or gold held together with matching rivets. This Wedding ring has a very smooth finish and the two colours complement each other very well.

two tone designer wedding ring

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Men’s Black Seranite Wedding Band with Beveled Edges | 7mm – by

This wedding ring from has polished beveled edges giving it a beautiful sculptural look. The 7mm men’s seranite wedding band is naturally black throughout. This gorgeous design will not tarnish, fade or scratch. Men love the comfort and durability of this handsome wedding ring.

black designer wedding ring

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Hand Engraved Gents Platinum Ring – by Joule

Discover a passionate union of wedding bands. Bind your future as a couple with this rounded band with subtle hand-engraving on the interior.


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