Diamond and Metal Education Charts


Jewellery Marketing agency LionSorbet are pleased to launch a brand new range of interactive marketing and education products for Jewellery Retailers across the globe. As part of the 4 C’s Diamond Education resource, Lionsorbet have created a web ready and editable, diamond colour chart, diamond shape chart, precious metal chart and a ring size chart in HTML . Save yourself development costs and spend more time marketing your business.

Give your customers targeted, useful information about your products today. These great looking charts have been developed to be browser friendly so they work across all web pages. So if you are looking for a new blog, news or education page, these are going to look and work great on your website.

Each Chart comes complete with 4 – 7 themes to choose from.

Precious metal chart
precious metal chart

Colour chart
diamond chart

Diamond shape chart
Diamond shape chart

Ring size chart
ring size chart

Looking for something more custom? Contact LionSorbet directly here and let them know what you have in mind.


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