Diamonds of the future.


Diamonds of the future from Deluxe Diamonds are the new eco friendly and conflict free alternative to mined.

Deluxe Diamonds are the first company in the UK to offer diamonds of the future – a new exciting concept of cultured diamonds which are socially responsible and provide a conflict free alternative to mined diamonds. For those whom love diamonds but care about the environment, conflict free aspect and the price this will be an interesting proposition for many.

White diamond ring

All of Deluxe Diamonds high-quality diamonds are cultured in there partners’ above-ground mines. Deluxe Diamonds are chemically and physically identical to mined and grown by replicating the earth’s high temperature and high pressure environment – a process that takes millions of years in nature. Most cultured diamonds are type IIA which are only found in 2% of all mined diamonds.

The only differences found between cultured diamonds and mined are the source and the price. All of Deluxe Diamonds carry international diamond grading certifications ensuring that they are all of the highest clarity, cut and colour and are available set in luxury designer jewellery.

Many will remember the film Blood Diamonds. Sadly, many blood diamonds (or conflict diamonds) have found their way to the international market despite the Kimberley Process (which is supposed to prevent the spread of conflict diamonds). Mining leaves a huge carbon footprint, while diamonds grown by HTHP or CVD leave half the carbon footprint of mined. At the same time, the finite natural resources of diamonds are depleting, so it becomes more and more difficult and dangerous to mine diamonds – there are already predictions of 16 million less diamonds expected to be mined per annum by 2023 and less than an 8 year supple of the Rare Argyll mined pink diamonds where 90% of the worlds pink diamonds come from.

yellow diamond ring

Pink and blue diamonds are some of the rarest diamonds found today and commonly demand £70,000 upwards a carat, for every 1000 white diamonds there will only be one coloured diamond found.

Deluxe Diamonds Founder Johanna O’Brien said “ having lived in Africa and seen the destruction inflicted by blood diamonds on innocent people and children’s lives the carbon foot print mining leaves on the surrounding areas and the fact that diamonds are rapidly diminishing, I decided to start an innovative Jewellery brand which is 100% conflict free and ecologically friendly. Our range of intense fancy coloured and white diamonds cost between half to an eighth of the cost of mined diamonds. For every purchase from Deluxe Diamonds, a proportion of the sale will go to improve the lives of those affected by the horrific trade in blood diamonds, our chosen we support charity is War Child. Johanna went on to say we currently have a 380 piece jewellery range made up of four areas, the Infinity engagement ring collection which offers stunning and unique designs.

All of our engagement ring diamond centre stones are available with the unique choice of different cultured diamond colours, ranging from the traditional white diamond to the stylish fancy vivid yellow, and the extremely rare and exquisite fancy blue and fancy pink diamonds.

diamond ring

The Sorrento Classica range which, boasts beautiful vintage style pendants and earrings set with outer white diamond halos and offers the rare choice of being able to choose from an array of cultured diamond colour centre stones. The Hermes Z cocktail ring collection, this range features luxurious and unusual designs; the range offers the unique choice of different coloured diamond centre stones. The Modena contemporary range features stylish rings earrings and pendants and offers the choice to customise each piece with different diamond colours.

We also offer a bespoke jewellery service where our resident jeweller Peter Bond can assist our clients to design one off jewellery pieces.

At Deluxe Diamonds we believe in offering jewellery only of the highest quality. All ranges are offered in 18K white gold, 18K Yellow gold and platinum all diamonds 0.25-.30 carat upwards are graded by international laboratories such as the IGI GIA. “

Pink diamond ring

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