Elara – A mythical new jewellery collection designed by Hinna Azeem.


A beautiful range of rings, necklaces, earrings and bracelets encrusted with the stories of both The future was designed long ago, high above the world. At a time when Greek gods ruled, the noble Elara was born. Her beauty and charm was so alluring, she was taken away to spare her from wrath and jealousy. A hidden treasure placed deep within the Earth, wishing to see the skies again. Thousands of years later, Elara lives on as the eight largest moon of Jupiter.

Hinna Azeem has used the unique druzy gemstone to create a collection that is out of this world. Like Elara, druzy stones are deeply hidden, found only under the surface of certain gems and rocks. The unique crystallised gems take thousands of years before they are ready, and are formed inside molten rock as it cools down. They are the heart of the Earth’s deepest beauty, with a look and feel like no other. Its rough sparkly surface is both fascinating and unique, as though the stone was picked straight out of space.

Elara’s black druzy gold hoops, Elara’s blue druzy gold studs and Elara’s blue druzy gold pendant.

About H.AZEEM London:

As seen in Jewellery Monthly, Vogue and Tatler, H.AZEEM specialises in high-quality gemstone jewellery. Using a combination of modern and classic designs, gemstones are sourced from all over the world. All the stones are hand set, adding to the distinctive style of each of the pieces. Hinna’s inspiration stems from travelling around the world, seeking exclusive gems. Once she finds the perfect gem, she designs the structures to enhance its beauty, crafting truly unique pieces. The deep tones and colours of the gems resonate with all that see them, helping complete the perfect look for any occasions.

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