Festival, Rave and Loom Bands.


Looming with the bands.

Bright, colourful, inexpensive and trending all over the world. Yes! the mighty loom bands. It’s just how the kids roll these days. After a few of our younger readers sent in some images, we decided to look into what all the fuss is about.

Surprisingly, there is a lot of fuss going on. You can buy a huge pack of 1000 loom bands for about £3. It’s also nice to know you can buy a loom band making kit and about 100 bands for £1. Yes, that’s right… £1.

Joshua, 12 from Norfolk sent in this image of himself and all his friends wearing a selected range of bands they share and make between them.


He explained:

“Everyone is wearing them, and it’s kind of good fun. They look trendy and go with anything you wear. To make a nice looking Loom Band takes about 10 minutes”

We asked Joshua why he thought they are so popular?

“I think it’s because they are everywhere. I haven’t even bought a packet yet but I own about 10 now. People just give them away”

We also asked Joshua how he found out about us and what he liked best about Jewellery Monthly:

“I found you on Instagram after looking at cool watches. I came through to your website and noticed you write about some cool stuff. I thought maybe if I sent in a picture of me and all my mates, we might get featured on here”

The JM team would like to thank Joshua for sending in his picture to us.

Rave and Festival Bands.

If you like going out to festivals, raves and other events, you tend to get a wrist band. This simple solution shows staff at the event that you should be there.


The wrist bands can have different meanings depending on their colour. For example an orange colour band, could represent that people should only be at the event for a Saturday. Or, maybe you could have V.I.P bands that have different entrance levels throughout the festival weekend.

After talking to one of the official Jewellery Monthly Fashion Models: Sapphire 22 from the UK.


We were able to get a better picture of what is going on.


JM: What’s going on with these festival bands?
Sapphire: Well, when you go to a festival or a rave you get one of these to show you have paid.

JM: Why do people wear them all the time?
Sapphire: I keep mine on for sentimental reasons, they remind me of the great times I’ve had with my best friends. I think they look great as well. I love the colours and they are very fashionable.

JM: What’s your favourite wrist band?
Sapphire: It would have to be my Global Gathering 2013 wrist band. It brings back so many laughs and good times.


The philosophy bit.

Jewellery doesn’t always have to be diamonds, precious metals or gems. Jewellery can also be something so simple, that it connects you with the people you know and love.

A big thanks to all our readers.

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