Diamond size guide for retailers.


Looking for some interactive fun which will boost your on-line presence? then we think this little gem may help with that. A clever little sales tool created by our Jewellery Marketing company LionSorbet not only illustrates exactly what a diamond shape will look like on a finger but also allows the user to change the size of the diamond too, giving a great comparison between 0.3ct all the way up to 1.75ct.

So what’s the catch? “Absolutely Nothing” explains director Stephen Irvine. “We have developed an interactive ring size chart that does exactly that. You can browse between Round brilliant and Princess cut to showcase diamond sizes. This exciting digital application will show diamonds from 0.3ct up to 1.75ct, giving customers an easy tool to see what the actual difference is between these sizes of stones and how the cost differences marry up to actual size”

When we asked LionSorbet why they wanted to give this item away for free, they kindly explained “it was going to be a product to purchase for websites or other digital media applications, but due to our emphasis on jewellery photography and marketing we decided to make it available as a free tool to the Jewellery Industry. A gift to us and to give something back”

UPDATE 2017.

This tool has now been updated to a fully functioning mobile application featuring a range of diamond sizes and shapes to choose from. View here: http://www.jewellerygraphics.net/collections/apps-projects/products/interactive-diamond-size-app

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