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The term ‘hand-made jewellery’ and ‘unique design’ is used fairly loosely in the Jewellery industry nowadays. Being a 3D CAD designer work is often presented to the customer as a hand crafted piece but has generally had a sniff of a Silversmiths file and a barreling machine. Don’t get me wrong I understand that people don’t want to hear about Rapid Manufacture, Laser welding and Polygon modelling when buying something as personal as a piece of Jewellery so it’s always nice to find companies showcasing the art of Jewellery craft and contemporary design and adding that much needed flair that drives people to cherish it so.

I digress. This takes me on to a link that was posted on our facebook page the other day when I posted a comment about seeing some rather nice Jewellery made from recycled cutlery. Now I’m going to state the obvious, ‘The Hairy Growler’ Jewellery Co. is a name that conjures up images I don’t want to mention (especially if you’re a fan of Keith Lemon) but after realising it wasn’t a spam link I opened up quite a beautiful website that creates one-off, hand made jewellery, recycled from Victorian Silver cutlery and pre 1919 Sterling Silver coins. The featured collections consist of shaped and crafted rings and pendants, birthing spoons, and wedding gifts that stand out from the usual department store offering.

Lovely site, wonderfully creative products and well worth a visit. Check out their range at

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  1. Just found this, what a beautiful website, they have some amazing products. Certainly a name to remember!!