Honouring Fathers day


An important role for Dad’s on your BIG DAY!

With Fathers day looming this weekend, I genuinely look forward to handmade cards, bottles of cheap aftershave and more importantly the time spent with my children. A day celebrated the world over to mark the man of the house as an important addition rather than leaving the house untidy and getting in the way!

With young girls currently pulling at my shirt tails I sometimes cast my eyes forward to a day when they may be married, where I hand them over to their new found partner, to love and take care of them. I can imagine a wonderful but also sad day for most fathers.

“Having him walk you down the isle is the most rewarding role a father could ever have”
– Simply Bridal

An important role for your wedding
Our friends at www.simplybridal.com have put together a great info graphic below to remind you how you can keep your father-figure involved in your wedding day. Having him walk you down the isle is the most rewarding job a father could ever have. Give your dad an important role at your wedding to show that your affection and respect for him.

Honour your father on your wedding

Want to shout out about your awesome dad, father in law or someone that filled that role for you? comment below. We’d love to hear from you

Image courtesy of Simply Bridal Check them out for a fantastic affordable range of wedding dresses. All rights reserved.

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