Making sure you get the right diamond ring to fit perfectly on your hand can be quite an important factor. Before you purchase that diamond ring, you may need to take several things into consideration:

  • Length and width of finger.
  • Hand type and shape.
  • Skin hue and tone.

With these factors taken into consideration, it could give you a better idea of what ring and diamond shape will suit the person in mind.

Please have a go on our digital interactive diamond ring sizer. We hope this will really help you out.

How to use:

1) If you click on the big circle to the left, it will open a sidebar menu. Here you can change skin tone and diamond measurement.
2) Click on the diamond shape to the right of the diamond app to select the different type of diamond. Once selected it will change the diamond shape on the hand.

3) You can easily change the diamond size by selecting the diamond with your cursor or finger if your using a handheld device. This will change the diamond on the hand.
4) You can zoom in and out of the hand by using the + and signs on the bottom left of the app.

So what are the benefits of this diamond ring size app?

If you work in the jewellery industry, then you may be already thinking up awesome ideas in your head with how you can utilise this awesome app. If you need a little help however, I have listed a few ideas to get you started.

Shop Floor Sales tool (Hand held).

You can have this App loaded up on any tablet, as it’s designed to be touch sensitive when pressing the icons. Lets say for example you own a jewellery store. Your customer would like to know how the different size diamonds would look like on the persons finger before purchase. You could achieve this really simply by guiding him/her through this app.


Stand or desk display.

Imagine having this on a stand as an interactive showcase for all your customers to use. This could be a great educational tool. Customers can spend time reading through the different diamond shape profiles and enjoy all the features on the app.


Ecommerce information display for your online website.

This can also be displayed on any website as a pop up or static placement on a web page. If you sell diamond rings online and need a really good diamond size sales tool? This app solves all the problems. You could get really creative in the ways customers can interactive with the application, especially on the payment options section of a website.


Education information for blogs or news.

As the technology is pushing forward, we understand that many people tend to shop online. Reviews and recommendations are very helpful for many buyers. This app can be used as an educational resource for blogs, online magazines and news channels.

Where can I purchase such a thing?

Rather than spend thousands of pounds on designers, developers and have delays on time frames. Lionsorbet have done everything for you.
You can have purchase this diamond size application today HERE


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