How to keep your jewellery safe.


With the cost of precious metals accelerating in the jewellery industry the need for forward thinking security has been increasing. A new RFID tag system has been engineered that works with items small enough such as jewellery.

This new security feature can be tracked in real time to show the actual location of a particular jewellery item, using high frequency waves. The only disadvantage is the tag has a low range. This is good if you lose your item at home, but if its stolen with no leads for the police to pursue you may never see it again.

Jewellery robbery has risen sharply over the past few years and new technology such as tags can help in many cases. If they can design a tag that looks like part of the jewellery and can be tracked through satellite surveillance, this would be a very exciting security feature.

We will keep searching for the latest jewellery security measures.

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