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Precious jewellery such as diamond rings or wedding rings, although fairly robust, should be carefully looked after to maintain its quality over time. During everyday wear, your jewellery can get damaged, chipped, marked and sometimes diamonds can become loose. You can avoid this by checking your jewellery regularly or taking it to a professional jewellery to cary out an inspection.  With the right care your valuable keepsakes will maintain their lustre and sparkle for a lifetime. See some of our tips below to ensure your jewellery is kept in perfect condition.

1. Inspect your jewellery on a regular basis.

2. Look closely at the claws if you have a diamond ring. These can loosen over time and make your diamond vulnerable to falling out.

3. Wear your jewellery appropriately. You might want to consider taking off your ring or jewellery item when playing sports, gardening or anything else that could cause the jewellery to get knocked or damaged.

4. Store your jewellery correctly. Don’t bunch your jewellery together as this will scratch and wear the metal. It’s a good idea to store the jewellery in the original box. It can also be a good idea to lay your necklaces and bracelets flat as the metal can slightly stretch over time.


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5. Keep your jewellery in a clean dry place as the moister in the air can also damage your jewellery.

6 Never wear your jewellery while swimming or in a spa. The chlorine in the water is very corrosive and will tarnish the metal.

7. Try and avoid general house hold chemicals when cleaning. Cleaning agents like bleach are also very harmful to Gold, Silver Platinum and Palladium.

8. Try and seek a professional jewellery cleaner at least once every year, especially if your wearing jewellery all the time. White gold for example may need to be rhodium plated so the white gold is protected.

9: If you wish to clean your jewellery at home there are some great jewellery cleaning products available such as that provide a range of materials to keep your jewellery clean and sparkling.

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