I love a lassie’s bird nest collection


Scottish jewellery brand I Love a Lassie takes a bite out of nostalgia with a range of contemporary jewellery inspired by life’s little treasures…


Handcrafting precious tokens into necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings and cufflinks. Each design is cast in solid sterling silver and offered in additional finishes of 18ct yellow gold vermeil, 18ct rose gold vermeil and black rhodium.

Our first six collections centre on simple tokens that make us smile: the string Grannie tied round her finger as a reminder; a fragment of antique lace; an original bawbee coin; a long-lost cameo; a jaggy rose-thorn from a traditional Scottish garden and some intriguing contents from an old bird’s nest discovered on a woodland walk.

I LOVE A LASSIE jewellery is designed by Arlene Katorza who has been selling her hand-made designs from her jewellery boutiques in Edinburgh for more than twenty years. I Love a Lassie jewellery is finished by hand in the designers Edinburgh workshop.


Birds Nest Collection
The Bird’s Nest collection features a selection of nature’s treasures, brought together for a layered look. Who hasn’t enjoyed foraging for interesting bits of twigs, feathers and pine cones on a woodland walk? A bird’s nest is nature’s treasure chest, each one pain- stackingly woven to protect those things most precious, from unhatched eggs to glinting gemstones and nuts & berries for the hatchlings. I Love a Lassie’s Bird’s Nest collection is an exquisite collection of hand-cast treasures selected by nature.

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