If Carlsberg made watches…..


..it would probably be the most expensive watch in the world. Unfortunately for them they don’t but Swiss company Chopard decided to go all out and produce ‘The Carat Chopard 201’ an interesting sports three heart-shaped diamond watch.

The diamonds are coloured white, blue and pink and rate a fabulous 11, 12, and 15 carats. The watch also boasts an impressive 163 carats, of white and yellow flower-like diamonds. In all you are now looking at a 201 carat spectacle worth an amazing £16 million ($25 million). Imagine this on an arm at a dinner party or an evening ball, definitely a conversation starter. Jewellery monthly have named this watch the ‘Sweetie Wrapper’.

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16 million pound watch

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So what’s the breakdown of this ray of sunshine?

  • Featuring a heart-shaped diamond, natural Pink, Internally Flawless, over  15.00 carats.
  • 1 heart-shaped diamond, natural blue, Clarity VS2, Carat Weight 12.79ct
  • 1 heart-shaped diamond, D colour, Clarity FL (Flawless), Carat Weight 11.36ct
  • 3 pear-shaped diamonds, natural Intense Yellow, Carat Weight 8.45ct in total.
  • 26 pear-shaped diamonds, natural Intense Yellow, Carat Weight 17.07ct in total.
  • 48 round diamonds, natural Yellow, Carat Weight 8.81ct in total.
  • 91 round diamonds, D color, Flawless, Carat Weight 10.29ct total.
  • 260 pear-shaped diamonds, all D color, Clarity FL (Flawless), Carat Weight 60.94ct in total.
  • 443 FC diamonds, natural Intense Yellow, Carat Weight 4.95ct in total.

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  1. Suranne Jones on

    Wow. For that price I’d at least expect a box of quality street!!

  2. Some people have far too much to spend their money on. It’s not even nice looking.

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