INEDIT is above all a state of mind


INEDIT… The story of a passion.

INEDIT has been designing and crafting jewels since 1984 in a workshop based in Rouen. The jewellers have an experienced team of designers, jewellers, setters, polishers and gemologists who thrive on bringing perfection to each item of jewellery created.

Every jewellery item is unique because they are crafted by exceptional artists reflecting the French traditional jewellery Know‐how. Gemstones and diamonds used for each item of jewellery are carefully selected and fully certified. Every stone is unheated and used without any kind of treatment.

INEDIT have been awarded Two of the most prestigious professional labels:

Joaillerie de France
Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant


Behind each creation

French jewellery-making is famous throughout the world, first and foremost because of the creativity of the country’s jewellers, constantly in search of perfection. They use their time-honoured expertise to transform a designer’s dream into a perfect piece of jewellery.

That expertise can now be readily identified and certified thanks to the “Joaillerie de France” collective brand. Created by jewellery craftsmen and manufacturers, it guarantees that a piece of jewellery has been manufactured, assembled, set and polished in France, according to the criteria of quality and excellence that are synonymous with French jewellery.


The “Joaillerie de France” seal embodies the commitment and dedication of people who have devoted their skills and talents to creating beautiful jewellery. It is:

– A guarantee that the item was made entirely in France.
– A symbol of quality, and the assurance that the piece was made to the highest professional standards.

A person who acquires a piece of Joaillerie de France jewellery can be sure that it has been designed and made according to the standards of perfection and distinction of French jewellery.

Enter the workshop

The INEDIT workshop is part of the premises and is located at 70, Rue Jeanne d’Arc, Rouen.

Only highly qualified jewellers craft the gold and platinum. Most of the collections are crafted according to the “forge technique”. As a sculpture, every single jewel is unique.


The setter occupies a most important place at the INEDIT workshop, though setting gems is a real job, it is hardly ever integrated within a jewellery workshop.

Polishing as well as processing glazed (or polished) precious metals is usually the final steps in the crafting process of a jewel. Some items require the intervention of a polisher; this means that having a polisher on the spot enables us to obtain a high quality finishing.

Because INEDIT have gathered all these trades within a single workshop, they can look after the various steps of the crafting process and make sure every jewellery item is created to perfection.

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