Interactive diamond size app for retailers


LionSorbet, who specialise in developing marketing strategies and content for the retail jewellery industry, have designed and built a wonderful and stylish diamond comparison APP for retailers both online and in-store.


This type of concept is expensive for individual retailers looking to add this type of functionality to their website. Lionsorbet asked themselves one question:

“How can we get round this fact and make it affordable for everyone?”

The idea was to get as many people involved as possible, to invest in the initial development stages and then offer the app at a reasonable price to everyone.

The Interactive Diamond Size App Demonstration


A major limitation of buying a diamond or gemstone ring online is the inability to compare the size of a diamond against each other or another shape (1ct princess is quite different to 1ct round for instance) and what the stone may look like on their type of hand. This can help in the buying process by allowing customers to compare the size differences against the price.


The NEW web application will fit right into any web page for all websites. It is fully responsive and works across all desktop and mobile platforms. It will display a range of diamond shapes, their available carat sizes and variations in hand colour. It will feature carat and comparable mm size. It will be served via a java applet (like google maps) from our server to cut traffic costs to you and makes it easy to be updated and added to in the future should we wish to add stone shapes, and or new data.


It will feature a range of stunning images, possibly animations, hand models and vector diagrams of each stone type. It will feature your brand and work as an education tool for your staff and customers alike.



Single license use for £599 inc VAT, offers the ability to customise your logo and colours to suit your website and includes 12months hosting and free updates. A range of optional fees will be available on launch to cover additional upgrades and hosting after the 1st 12 month period. Reserve and book for your website. Get 1st access to this app and work with us to build an education tool useful for your customers.


The app has now launched and can be viewed and purchased online here: There is a live demo and loads of new features for retails to enhance their stores.


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