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A Jewel Affair

About us

A Jewel Affair is a website for every jewellery lover. From statement necklaces, stunning bracelets and contemporary jewellery you will find it here.

Run by Rachel Reid 'A Jewel Affair' has been a life-long dream. Ever since Rachel was left a box of vintage jewellery by my favourite Great Aunt, her love affair with jewellery has grown and grown!

"As I've got older my tastes have changed and personally I feel you can never wear enough! But I also love classic jewellery and of course every girl loves diamonds. If I could afford it I would be dripping with diamonds every day!"

- Rachel Reid

Contact Information
Kirkton of Skene, Aberdeenshire, United Kingdom AB32 6GA
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Facebook: @ajewelaffair
Twitter: @jewelaffair
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