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I’m Louis Jacobs, and I am the founder of the Diamond Expert website. I’m a diamond fanatic from Antwerp, Belgium. Growing up in the diamond capital of the world I became captivated with the precious stone from quite early on in life.

At 8 years old I took it upon myself to explore the world of diamonds, and by the time I was turning 20, had earned the title of “Diamond Expert” among my family and friends.

I was very fortunate to kick-start my career in the diamond world at the Diamond Quarter over 30 years ago, and have learned a great deal of diamond knowledge since then.

Outside of work, I’m the go-to person for family and friends needing help on buying diamond products, especially from my male friends for selecting the best engagement rings they could afford.

Now that I’ve retired, I feel I’m obliged to share my decades of insider knowledge online with you, to ensure you’re informed at every stage of your diamond purchase journey.
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Birmingham Jewellery Quarter, United Kingdom
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