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The untapped niche market of stylishly designed beauty accessories for travel and on the go was the next step for FLO Accessories following the success of the FLO Universal Atomizer. The product line now includes other fragrance accessories, as well as sleek LED purse mirrors, makeup bags and organizers, nail care for travel, and the new, completely original FLO Fragrance Jewelry & Accessories.

The sales potential of the FLO Accessories product line is endless. The products are perfect for self-purchase, a fabulous gift item or stocking filler, and easy to merchandise on the shelf or counter. They’re ideal for merchandising at the point of sale, as the price and look are well suited to impulse buys; we’re currently developing special display units for just this purpose.

FLO Accessories specializes in meeting its valued retailers’ needs, whether that be providing specialized display units or customizing the Atomizer itself. The FLO Universal Atomizer has been selling phenomenally well under many well known brand such as Sephora, Douglas, Ulta and many more.

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