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Fluke Jewellery

About us

Fluke Jewellery is the loving creation of Roger Philby, taking his passion of the ocean and animals as inspiration to create beautiful one of a kind pieces. Roger runs Fluke Jewellery from Orkney, Scotland after moving there from London in 2002 after spending many years sailing the oceans to study whales, dolphins and porpoise.

Fluke Jewellery celebrates the true form of animals, in particular sea dwelling creatures whilst creating a conscious effort to remain environmentally friendly. Fluke Jewellery embrace nature in their designs, creating both beautiful portrait pieces of animals themselves such as Whales and Puffins, or take elements of nature such as fire and ice as inspiration.

Fluke Jewellery provide not only a wide selection of designs but also styles of Jewellery from Necklaces, Earrings and Charms, to Cufflinks, Rings, Bracelets and Brooches.

Contact Information
Seaview Stores, Burray, Orkney, UK KW17 2SS
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Facebook: @FlukeJewellery
Instagram: @flukejewellery
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