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Lionsorbet – Design for Luxury Brands

About us

LionSorbet provide creative marketing and advertising support for Jewellery retailers and Luxury brands. We create 1st class online stores, company websites and provide 3D Jewellery animation and video for beautiful Diamond jewellery products.

If you need a company to support your new project and help you grow or your company has outgrown your current in house development call us to discuss your thoughts on 01604 779030.

Need help with

  • - Selling your products online
  • - Shopify eCommerce website builds
  • - Live Diamond sales including Rapnet integration
  • - 3D Jewellery Photography and 360 Interactive animation
  • - Marketing and Advertising support
  • - How to grow your business online.

We are here to help and can offer you the best advise to enhance and grow your company.

What our clients say..

"From the very first conversation with Stephen I knew that I was speaking to someone who "gets it". His input  has been valuable, his knowledge is vast and he's a great chap overall to bounce ideas off. Enjoyed the journey thus far and look forward seeing what lies ahead. "Sanjay Pattni - Mayfair Jewellers

"I consider Steve and his team to be one of the core assets of our business. From branding to website design, these guys never fail to impress me with the quality of their work. Steve's eye for detail and expertise is provided with integrity and delivered with such care and attention on a personal level, we really could not imagine working without any of his team"  Mark Johnson - Serendipity Diamonds

"Steve is one of a kind. His multi-faceted talents, quick study and work ethic have been at the centre of MaeVona since our launch in 2005. The consistency of his quality and reliability delivering complex jewellery models, renders and demanding websites has been exceptional for over a decade. Lionsorbet is a young, dynamic and growing company full of fresh ideas with a dedicated, talented team; the jewellery industry is lucky to have them"  Maeve Gillies - MaeVona LLC

Visit us today at or call us directly on 01604 779030


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Portfolio Innovation Centre, St Georges Avenue, United Kingdom NN2 6FB
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