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Pieces of Mine

About us

Pieces of Mine is an exclusive online platform which features unique and one of a kind jewellery pieces from the most exciting independent jewellery designers from around the world. At Pieces of Mine, we believe that jewellery is a person’s way of showing off their identity and personality; and should therefore never be standardised nor ordinary. Pieces of Mine offers beautiful, unique and high quality pieces from curated designers around the world, providing access to exciting and new designs which are not available on the high street to ensure that everyone will find those special pieces that proclaim their unique identity.

In a modern mass-market world in which we often need to question who the makers of our products are, we want to introduce you to a generation of highly talented independent designers who are keeping the art of jewellery making alive. Each Piece of these designers has gone through an elaborate process of design conception, materials sourcing and creation and involves a considerable amount of care and time, which is reflected in the detail and quality of each Piece. All of our designers take great pride in their work, and so do we in representing them.

Here at Pieces of Mine we believe that #madebymatters, and that it are the people and the stories behind the jewellery that make our pieces truly unique.

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Contact Information
Pieces of Mine Limited, 152 City Road, London, United Kingdom EC1V 2NX
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