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Something Original

About us

London-based something original is a company created by Jeremy Berruel

Jeremy is a French designer living in London since 2007 For the past ten years Jeremy worked mainly for Visual Effect Companies as digital modeller ( digital sculptor ) on the award winning films in France and in UK.
With his experience and skill, he has created Something Original designing jewellery using high-end 3d technology to create original and highly details jewellery.

Each creation is made to order.
We advise that a lead time between 20 and 25 days is to be expected depending on finish and complexity.

Something Original is perfect for the person looking for unique and collectable jewellery.

Don't hesitate to register and follow us on Pinterest and twitter or Facebook to be part of the privileged people to see our new creations in exclusivity prior to being in our online store.

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London, United Kingdom
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