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Ti Amo Lotti

About us

We are, Sarah and Anita, two friends/work colleagues who yearned for something more than just our day jobs, it was a suggestion from another friend that first planted the seed for Ti Amo Lotti x. Making jewellery in the evenings was almost therapeutic after working all day and looking after our families and pets! Through selling to friends and family, our reputation has grown and with the help of Facebook, Ti Amo Lotti x is going from strength to strength. We do wish we could say that the Italian influence in our company is because one of us has Italian heritage but it is simply because we love all things Italian..........!

We make our jewellery using sterling silver and Swarovski precious stones and are always working on new designs. Our bracelets and rings are stackable and look great worn together, they are also simple enough to wear each day and sparkly enough for evenings! As you might have guessed, we love all things sparkly and incorporate sparkle into all of our pieces, we hope you'll love them too!

Anita & Sarah
Ti Amo Lotti

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London, United Kingdom
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